Zeitdruck is a small application designed to log times easily. Its main scope is speed and ease of use.

Its intent is just to have a date/time combination (and maybe a buzzword/tag) written down as fast as possible. Further work with these logged times, e.g. for calculating time-deltas, writing detailed reports or diaries can be done with other tools.


Just hit the big button with the clock in the center of the screen to log a time. Zeitdruck will automatically write the time to the log file. The log file is a CSV-file, accessible via the Files app.


Each Zeitdruck log entry is built with the following fields:

  • DATE - current date, when log is created
  • TIME - current time, when log is created
  • TAG - Value "EMPTY" if not set, otherwise a little hint for your self, like "Starting Xyz" or "Arrival"
  • INOUT - Default is set to "IN", can be changed to "OUT".

Existing Entries

All existing entries can be viewed from inside the app or via the Files app. Zeitdruck expects a file called 'timeStamps.csv' to write to. If the file is not present, Zeitdruck will create a new one. If you rename, move or delete the file 'timeStamps.csv' via Files app, Zeitdruck also will create a new one. This enables you to manage weeks or months or whatever you're up to on your own.

Further work with the logs can be done with other apps. That's totally up to you and your workflow.

Privacy Protection

Zeitdruck does not collect and/or send any data. Every log you create is saved locally, and you have total control.


For iPhone and iPad, get it on Apple App Store:

Download on the App Store